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Product Replacement FAQ

How may I get additional forms?
  • You may order Product Replacement Request forms on Section 2 of the Consultant Order Form. (Refer to the Consultant Order Form under Business Supplies for part numbers and pricing.)
If my customer is dissatisfied and the product she wants to return is old, can it be replaced?
  • Yes, all Mary Kay products are backed by the Mary Kay® Satisfaction Guarantee. However, you should ensure that you place your PRP order within 30 days of a customer's product return to you.
Can I accept a product return from a customer and request replacement if the product was sold to her by another Independent Beauty Consultant?
  • If a customer contacts you and requests an exchange or refund for a product she purchased from another Independent Beauty Consultant you have two options: (1) You may refer her to the Customer Satisfaction Department at 1-800-MARYKAY and a representative of that department will advise the customer how to obtain an exchange or a refund. (2) You may accept the product, issue a refund or exchange product for the customer, and use the Product Replacement Program to secure replacement product as reimbursement for the exchange or refund.
I like to accumulate returned products so I can place one large order for different items. May I place multiple customers on one form?
  • The online Product Replacement request has been designed to allow for multiple customer returns per order. Remember to submit your Product Replacement Request within 30 days of a customer's product return to you.
What if the total of the products that I select comes to more than my returns?
  • The Combined Total Suggested Retail of Returned Items must equal the Combined Total Suggested Retail of Replacement Products. If the retail value of the replacement products differs from the retail value of the returned items by more than $1.00, you will be unable to submit your online PRP order.
I returned Section 1 items and requested Section 2 items in exchange. Why did they send me Section 1 items and not the Section 2 items that I requested?
  • The Product Replacement Program supports the Mary Kay® Satisfaction Guarantee. The purpose of this program is to replace products after you have honored the Mary Kay® Satisfaction Guarantee by either exchanging product or refunding money. Since Section 2 items are not for sale, they are not eligible for replacement through this program.
I have been instructed to return my product for a quality assurance inspection. May I empty my products before I mail them back to save on postage?
  • No, the packaging and contents of the product are required to perform a complete quality inspection.
I have received a damaged (or defective) product in my inventory order. Can I return it through the Product Replacement Program?
  • No, damaged and defective products that are received in your inventory order should be reported to your Branch Customer Service Department at 1-800-272-9333. The purpose of the Product Replacement Program is to replace products only after you have sold the product to your customer and honored the Mary Kay® Satisfaction Guarantee.
Can I receive a refund in place of products?
  • No, you may receive dollar-for-dollar suggested retail value replacement product only.
I sent in my Product Replacement Request form during a specific promotional postmark period. Why were the specials (discounts, free bonus, etc.) not honored?
  • Product replacement orders are complimentary replacements based on a dollar-for-dollar suggested retail value. These replacement orders do not represent a wholesale purchase. Therefore, they do not qualify for any specials during promotion periods.
Why do I have to pay for these Product Replacement forms?
  • Special printing is required for these forms so that they may be quickly processed. Of course, there is no charge to submit your Product Replacement Request online.
I have Section 2 items that I would like to return. Can I do that through this program?
  • Section 2 items may not be returned through the Product Replacement Program. If you receive Section 2 items in your inventory order from the Company that were damaged in shipping, or if you receive the wrong item, you should contact your Branch Customer Service department at 1-800-272-9333.
What is the Day Code, and where can it be found?
  • The Day Code is an alpha-numeric code that gives specific information about the manufacture of the product. This code is located on the bottom of a container; the barrel of a pencil or the crimp of a tube.
When do you want me to mail the product back?
  • We ask that you keep the returned items for a minimum of 30 days from the date you submit the Product Replacement request to the Company. On occasion, we may ask you to return certain products for quality assurance inspections. If you do not hear from us during the 30-day holding period, you may properly dispose of the returned products in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
What is the proper disposal of my returned products?
  • You should properly dispose of the items in accordance with applicable laws and regulations for your location Contact your city, county, or state offices for disposal regulations in your area.
Do I still need a customer signature on the sales ticket?
  • Absolutely. The sales ticket is a vital part of your business - it is your record of the sale. Notice the sales ticket states the required FTC "cooling off" language and the important Mary Kay® Satisfaction Guarantee. We recommend that you continue to have your customers sign this record and maintain it in your files.
I may not request a product replacement right away so what if you call my customer and she doesn't remember the problem or that I replaced her product?
  • The terms of the Product Replacement Program require that the customer's name and phone number be included on replacement requests so that the Company may follow up on customer concerns to better meet their needs in the future. Requests for replacement should be made within 30 days of a customer's product return to you. By requesting replacement within this 30-day period, you can ensure the customer remembers all pertinent information regarding the return
Do I have to order similar replacement product?
  • No, you may select the products of your choice; however, the Combined Total Suggested Retail of Returned Items must equal the Combined Total Suggested Retail of Replacement Products.
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